New craft, Weaving!

Knitting has kind of been put on a side burner for now as I’ve found a new hobby. Weaving! 

I never really thought I’d like weaving when I saw pics and videos before. A few months ago I started looking at woven baby wraps (which are awesome by the way!!) and I got a bit discouraged by the price. I couldn’t really justify spending a whole lot of money on a wrap when I already had a nice carrier and probably won’t have another squish to wrap. I thought to myself ‘I could do that!’ and that nagging idea sprang to life in my head.

At first I was looking at getting a Rigid Heddle loom but after some research thought I’d better look for a full size one right away. I found one locally for more than I planned on paying but all in all I’m glad I started bigger. I got a Kessenich loom. 8 shaft, 10 treadle, 36″ wide. The company was started here in Wisconsin over 50 years ago. According to the lady that I bought it from, the previous owner actually took lessons from Mrs. Kessenich. Cool bit of history.

The loom came with a bunch of old warp on it that I got to practice with. Some cotton from a reclaimed sweater and I got myself some nice tester towels. After that, since my purpose in buying it was for a baby wrap, I used up all my old crochet cotton that was never going to be made into doilies and made myself a nice stripy colorful wrap. It works great for the colorful tester piece that it was.

Next order of business was I placed a yarn order with Webs ( After my first real wrap I placed another order and have made a total of 7 wraps. One went to my sister in law, one is being finished for my sister, and one of the 7 was a ring sling piece so much shorter than a full size wrap.

My current piece is for a weaving contest. $10 to join and we have 32 weavers each making a baby wrap. Winner will recieve the pot. Everyone submitted a theme idea and the one that was chosen was The Wizard of OZ. I’m almost 8″ in measuring the warp. My family has a photo session planned in 9 days. I probably won’t be finished but I just might try. Might be fun to have a pro photo to submit.

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One Response to New craft, Weaving!

  1. Good for you getting an eight shaft loom to start with. I bought a big (grown up) four shaft floor loom before I’d even put a warp on my two shaft (toy) table loom. There’s a lot of new skills to learn with weaving and it’s great fun. Good luck and keep us up to date with photos.

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