Baby Blanket made with knitting machine, crochet edge

I’m getting around to posting my first pattern! I’ve had this one sitting around for awhile and decided I needed to type it out and share. I haven’t seen many patterns out there for knitting machines.

I have an Ultimate Sweater Machine that I purchased from Joann Fabrics with a 50% off coupon. It works decently and I whipped out 4 or 5 of these blankets in just a few days. I just used up all the yarn that I could from the skeins.

I have a finished blanket that I plan to steam block and then I will add pics. I am slow at that though being busy with 3 kids so it might take awhile. I do have a couple pics on my Rav page.

Before blocking:

I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn.  5 colors-pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white for the edging.

Pannel, make one of each color:
Using keyplate #1 do a wrapped cast on of 27 sts. (This is about the same as a sz 6 needle if you want to hand knit.)
Knit 160 rows. (Hand knitting- 160 stockinette, knit one side, purl one side.)
Cast off in your choice. When casting off make sure to miss the first and last stitches so they can run down. (On the outermost pannels cast off normally on the outside st but leave the inside one open to run down.)

To sew pannels together, undo the outermost row on adjacent pannels so you have loops. I find the easiest way to do this is to use a fat darning needle with a heavy contrasting yarn. Thread the yarn into the loops from the outermost row as you let it run down.

Next you will use a crochet hook and hook alternating left and right, 2 loops from each side and crochet up. Secure top loop until edging can tack it well.

Use white for edging. I used a size F hook. Join and sc, ch 3, sc in next space (On top and bottom of blanket place sc every other st. On side of blanket place sc every third row), ch 3, repeat around. Put two sc sets in corners to make it rounded. Across top edge make sure to catch the loops that were crocheted up to join the pannels. Do white edging for a total of 3 rows. I will add a pic of this to make it more clear without making it super wordy.

Sew in ends and steam block for a nice flat finish. The edges want to curl because of the stockinette but steam blocking will give acrylic a perment finish. I find a clothes steamer works the easiest but you can also use a steam iron and hover over the piece. Don’t touch the iron to the fabric though!

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6 Responses to Baby Blanket made with knitting machine, crochet edge

  1. Alysha in KY says:

    Beautiful blanket!!! You’ll find lots of patterns for all types of knitting machines at The Machine Knitter’s Treaure Chest

  2. Dom Dom says:

    HELP ME.

  3. YouTube dropped stitch. You’ll come up with lots of videos of how to fix dropped stitches. On this blanket I’m dropping a stitch on purpose and yes you’re left with loops like in the video although they’re much smaller.

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