Got a Ball Winder!

My Knitpicks order arrived this morning! Its now 2:00, baby down for his nap, kids have been fed lunch and are allowed to play some video games. I’ve already wound 12 balls! Love making my stash look pretty and easier to handle so quickly and without much effort.

Also got a package of felting needles, a long circ for socks, a hank of Stroll hand painted color- make belive, along with some other odds and ends.

Still working on the stole.

Was looking through the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup group (HPKCHC) and I think I want to plan my projects for next years fair to include in it. Hoping to make a couple of sweaters (probably kid size), an afghan, maybe a baby sweater set. I’m sure I’ll find a class to enter them into in HPKCHC.

Going to work on that stole some more before we leave to get groceries. Planning a get-together-and-eat-ice-cream with some family and friends for tonight. Also Packer game too.

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2 Responses to Got a Ball Winder!

  1. ThriftyNut says:

    I want to see photos!

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